Contemporary London Garden

This high-end contemporary London garden design was created for clients to entertain drink and dinner parties, as well as to kick back, sunbath and read. Simple lines, stylish and a restricted palette with a twist, was the brief.

A built-in dining area was introduced, with a glass table and a ril running from underneath the table disappearing under the paving and then reappearing, thus acting as a mirror to the birches beyond. A bespoke glass shelter, with hanging clear perspex bubble seats, looked back on the garden and was a potential viewing space for a future cinema screen, beyond the ril. An intimate built-in breakfast/G&T area and a shaded reading area were also included. The built in blockwork was renderd and painted chalky white. Block planting of silver astelias, grasses, bamboos and ferns were backed by horizontal slatted trellis attached to the walls and the wow factor was a topiaried, square-shaped cherry orchard. Finally a pair of contemporary aubergine and a white, wave-shaped loungers, completed the garden design.

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