Garden Design

Garden Design Services offered by Josh Ward Garden Design include: full garden design or landscape design, garden design consultation, planting design, planting, project monitoring and project managing.

Bespoke, professional high-end garden design, landscape design and planting plans are created for each individual client, along with mood boards to help you visualize the final design

The garden design timeline

  • Initial meeting 2-3 hours (depending upon size and complexity of garden)
  • Initial rough design: approx 2-3 weeks
  • Final design: 1-2 weeks
  • Planting plan: 2-3 weeks
  • Planting: Each garden is different (time-scales for planting will be discussed and quoted for each client)
How the garden design process works

Initial meeting

As Garden Designer I work closely with my clients to ascertain and create a innovative and functional outside space. Our first meeting involves a walk around your garden and disscussing your needs, wants and desired outcome for the space.

Prior to my initial visit it is always a good idea to spend some time looking through books, the internet and a wide array of magazines to ascertain what you like and don't like. I find architecture, art, graphics, travel, design, interiors and historical references etc... are just as important as garden design magazines and books for inspiration.

Things to look for and consider: colour, textures, form, materials, shapes and gardens that you inspire you.


A full survey is necessary before any designing can begin. Either I can measure-up the space in question, along with a colleague. If it is a very large or complicated site I can arrange a full survey to be undertaken by a specialist company.

Rough design sketches

The rough design may require a little fine tuning after the initial presentation. The design will be fully discussed and agreed with each client before proceeding to the final design stage.

Final design

I will present a concept board and the final annotated garden plan (plan view only)

Planting plan

The planting plan is designed once the final garden plan has been agreed. This plan involves creating with plant colour, texture, form, scent, sound and movement in a style that works for space and with your intended level of maintenance in mind.

I will supply pictures and plant-care information for all plants once the garden is completed.


Once the landscapers have fininshed with the construction process, I will be able to source and supply your plants from local nurseries. I can then come along with a knowledgeable planting team and plant up the garden for you.

  1. You can appoint your own landscaper
  2. I can suggest 2 or 3 landscapers from your local area

Project monitoring

Project monitoring is when I carry out an agreed number of site visits, as a design consultant, to ensure that the design is being adhered to and any necessary clarification and build alterations are in line with the intended design and then feed-back to yourself.

Construction drawings

Construction drawings and design specifications may be necessary for a few bespoke elements in your garden plan. These can be produced as and when needed by the landscaper and with prior agreement with the client.

Furniture, pots etc...

I can source any furniture/pots you may wish as well as organize the delivery for you too.

To discuss further which garden design services you are interested in call Josh Ward Garden Design on 078 1492 1491.

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