Stylish Country Garden, Woldingham

This was a very steep acre site overlooking beautiful downs views. The house was large, red brick, a fairly recent developers project and very boxy, square and unforgiving.

The clients wanted to be able to use a lot more of the sloping space and to introduce lots of fun elements.

I broke the garden into five areas and four different levels. The bottom area being a sloping orchard and meadow, with mown paths. I added to the existing fruit trees, removed unwanted trees and opened the whole space up. Centering around 30m purple beech, I added a bespoke wooden bench, enclosed 'deer-proof' veg patch and 2 large compost bins. The next level was a set of contoured-stepped-levels leading to an adult Wendy House/office and then upward to a flat secluded tear. This was a space for future children to play and adults to sit in a shelter and keep an eye on the kids, as well as a requested adult slide. The upper level was of the same depth, reached by a generous central step feature and a 3.5m high sweeping cedar clad wall. The upper level was flat with an incredible view of the downs. To take full advantage of the view I created a large sunbathing and entertaining patio. The whole area was a series of soft, interlocking, triangular shapes to aid a slow and paused descent to the top level and enjoy the views en route whilst also soften the house area. To the left of the teared areas was a woodland slope area which acted as an alternative route to the bottom of the garden and back up.

An adults wonderland indeed!

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