The Stables, Norfolk

A sympathetically landscaped garden was designed to make the most of this exposed, sloping country space, surrounded by fields, moat and views. It surrounded a newly converted black, wooden, red brick barn with a secluded back patio area overlooking the moat.

Gentle contouring was carved into the slope, a set of interlocking winding paths, large kitchen garden area, fruit trees, an herbaceous border, with mini barn-shelter and a sweeping patio area, to ground the house. To make the patio area feel less exposed a tall pleached hornbeam tree feature was introduced between the main garden and the patio, which acted as a wind barrier too. The fencing was stained black, to tie in with the house. Blocks of hornbeam hedges were placed around the perimeter fences to stop the low winds but to also allow the clients to snatch framed views between the blocks.

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